Getting Started

Neurofeedback is also referred to as EEG Biofeedback or Neurotherapy.

Neurofeedback is brain exercise

We practice Neurofeedback that is "Evidenced Based." This means that we do not rely on "canned protocols" or clinical symptoms to guide our treatment but rather use findings from the 19 channel Quantitative EEG or Brain Map to direct the therapy process. This allows for specific targeting of brain regions and frequencies and ultimately results in a shorter duration of therapy. We can provide treatment to children as young as two years of age.

Linda will also conduct diagnostic assessment of Sensory Integration, as there is a close relationship between this and behavioral issues as well as ADHD. By recognizing whether or not Sensory Integration issues are present we are able to treat your child in a more comprehensive manner. Children with a diagnosis of ADHD will receive a 'Continuous Performance Test' prior to and at the end of training in order to document improvements. In addition, standardized evaluations related to Mood and Behavioral Disorders may be recommended based upon the presenting diagnosis.

Finally, our Medical Director will review all medical history including present use of medications and be available to consult with the primary physician as needed.

Our Quantitative EEG diagnostic assessment can be charged, in part, to your insurance as a Medical Doctor is completing this procedure. The remainder, which involves the analysis and interpretation, is your responsibility. A written report with findings and recommendations will be provided to you along with a CD of the full 40 page plus report. Our Brain Map is analyzed and interpreted by Otto S. Kramer, M.D. and Linda Marshall-Kramer, OTR/L. Upon receipt of the Brain Map findings it will be your decision whether or not to pursue therapy.

Pain patients may receive reimbursement from insurance under the 90901 billing code when a Board Certified EEG Neurotherapist and/or Medical Doctor (MD) provides therapy.

Please contact our office at 815.469.1118 if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can discuss billing concerns at that time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to fill out a Sensory Integration and clinical symptom form that will be used during the consultation. Following your consultation we will determine whether Children’s Therapy Services and Healthy Brain Training is a good fit for you or your child.

We look forward to your participation in our program and can insure you that our experience and competency are at the highest level in the field of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback.