What Our Clients Are Saying:

Our Journey
We started out with a very active little boy, who got into everything. Then we progressed into more and more behavior problems. At the time, we couldn't understand why he was doing these things. By first grade, we were really having a hard time. It was really taking a toll on the whole family. I dreaded the thought of birthday parties or any kind of social gathering. Everything we did was a struggle. He really had a hard time in school. We had problems with not paying attention, talking out of turn, non-stop talking, starting fights, not getting along with other kids, stealing, temper tantrums that could get out of control. He also fought me on shoes, socks, coats, and shirts.

When the school social worker told me about sensory disorder, I had never heard of it. I researched it and thought that this sounds like the problem and now we can understand him and help him. Then we got him diagnosed and started with OT. We also joined a social thinking group, started seeing a psychologist and started taekwondo. He was also tested for ADHD and we were told he had that too. I did not want to start him on medicine, but eventually when the problems at school continued, we did. One thing that made is so hard was that I saw both sides of him. He is funny, kind, affectionate and loving. He always tries so hard to make good choices and do the right thing. I could tell how hard he was trying and he still struggled everyday. Even with everything we were doing to help him, I still saw very little improvement. He had no friends and he was unhappy with himself.

When one of the mom's at taekwondo told me about Neurofeedback I thought it sounded crazy. We were doing all these other things and I wasn't about to try something like that. Then about a year later another mom told me that she saw something in the waiting room of Children's Therapy Services, and it was called Neurofeedback. I'd been researching treatments for ADHD and sensory disorder and still really didn't know anything about Neurofeedback. Then I really started to read about it. I ordered books, searched on-line and I was amazed at what I was reading. This sounded like it was really helping people, and the more I found out about it and how it works, it made sense to me. I couldn't wait to try it. Then I made a mistake. I was in such a hurry to start that I went somewhere that didn't have people that were trained properly. After about 10 sessions I knew from what I had read that something wasn't right. I called Linda at CTS and told her what was going on and she explained to me how it really should be done. We started coming to CTS in April 2011 - I was so excited! My son was so excited, he finally felt that something was going to help him. Right away he connected with Linda. He felt like she 'got' him and he knew she was going to make his life easier. I wanted to do things right, so we had Dr. Otto Kramer do a QEEG and it felt so good to see it on paper. It also showed that we had a more severe case of ADHD to deal with. I wanted to see a change right away, but that's not how it happened.

There were times when I was discouraged because I didn't think I was seeing any improvements and we were over 40 sessions. I was afraid we were going to start fifth grade with all the problems we had before. Then it started to happen, I'd notice little things. He started playing better with his cousins and with friends. They would even look forward to playing with him. They would play for hours and there would be no fighting, I couldn't believe it. I wasn't holding my breath any more waiting for things to go bad. When I talked to his teacher, I told her that he struggled with his peers and she said that she didn't notice that. Did she really just say that! He came home from school and said that a boy who has been in his class before told him that he wasn't as weird. Most people would think that was not a nice thing to say, but it was amazing for us to hear it. We can enjoy spending time with him. He's happy with who he is. He's still a 10 year old boy and I know he'll still have issues from time to time, but what a difference this has made. We're not done yet, we've decreased the medicine and over time will eliminate it. I can't say enough good things about Childrens Therapy Services and Neurofeedback - this thing turned out to be not so crazy after all!

Dx: Sensory Processing Disorder with Hyperactivity: 4 y/o
J. was a "sensory seeking" 4 year old boy that didn't feel pain, which made for a very dangerous experience. He would climb, run, jump, fall and tumble, though never had PAIN to slow him down. For fun, he repeatedly threw himself down a flight of stairs or would jump in a pool and sink to the bottom. I honestly felt like I spent all of my time trying to keep him alive despite himself. After just 8 sessions of EEG J. experienced his first normal boo-boo. He described in detail how it burned when he fell and how it hurt when I washed the blood off. Then, he learned that scabs get itchy, but he didn't scratch if because he didn't want it to bleed anymore. And after a week of talking about it, he was so pleased to see his new skin that grew in place. My 4 year old experienced his first boo-boo and has gone on to experience pain normally. This has helped him to begin to learn safety awareness finally! I suddenly feel J. is going to live to see 5 years old and perhaps with fewer injuries than the first part of the journey. Although we didn't come seeking help for sleep regulation, we have seen great improvements in sleep as well. Since J. moved out of a crib at 2 years old, he has been sleeping on his floor by choice. After 7 EEG sessions, J. finally began sleeping in his bed 100% of the time. Amazing!

Dx: ADD: 10 y/o
Neurofeedback has worked for my ten year old daughter with ADD. We have been in therapy for about 5 months. I can see a difference in many areas. She is more focused to get everyday activities finished. It used to be-go brush your teeth...go brush your teeth...go brush your teeth. Now I can tell her once and she does it. The homework time has been cut down. Also, she would forget her lunch, instrument, and homework daily. As I write this, I can't remember the last time she forgot something. She is not perfect by any means nor do I expect her to be, but I have seen a huge improvement. My daughter has never been one to color much or play quiet activities. This past weekend she played American Girl with her sister for 2 hours! Some other benefits I've noticed is she is sleeping better. She would have problems falling asleep. She would go to bed at 8:00 p.m. and still be awake at 10:00 p.m. After a few weeks of therapy, she stopped complaining about falling asleep! Also, she would speak loudly when talking because she was so excitable and we've seen improvement with that too. Our daughter has never complained about going to therapy and it has helped us in so many ways. - A Thrilled Parent!

Dx: ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder: 7 y/o
Changes noted: When I met with Linda in the summer of 2009, she was the first person who had mentioned Neurofeedback or Sensory Processing Disorder. Until then, we had been told our only option was to medicate our son. After only two months of Neurofeedback our son has improved immensely. Before his breakdowns were a daily struggle and now they only occur once or twice a week. However, calming him down is easier. We are so blessed to have found Linda and Children's Therapy Services. I do not feel we would have had these results anywhere else.

Dx: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Problems, Foreign Adoption: 4 y/o
Over the past few weeks my husband and I have seen significant improvements in our son's behavior. His oppositional defiance is a non-issue, he is responding to questions, talking, playing nicely, giving eye contact and not acting impulsively. We feel like B. is finally the person he was destined to be without all the interference getting in the way. We are none-the less thrilled!

Dx: Sensory Processing Disorder, Behavioral Issues: 5 y/o
After only four sessions of Neurofeedback my five year old son's chronic constipation stopped. He's needed Miralax for the last four years and does not need it anymore. After ten Neurofeedback sessions he has also become more calm.

Dx: ADHD: 16 y/o
We started Neurofeedback during the summer. After 10-15 sessions I noticed that her impulsiveness seemed to be leveling off. We took her off of one of her three medications once the school year began. I noticed that she was more consistent during the day. She didn't have the daily activity/impulsiveness variations that were so apparent the prior year. As we reach the one year mark for treatment, I have been happy with the results. For her it wasn't a "magic bullet" but it has improved her quality of life. "Life" is a little easier now.

Dx: ADHD with Autism Spectrum Disorder: 8 y/o
W. is much more social and interactive with everyone, especially his eye contact! His anxiety has diminished to the point where he now wants to go to his friends house and stay to play without mom being there. His ability to focus on his schoolwork is also better. Although he still "stims" it is less frequent. W. is also less fidgety at bedtime and it is easier for him to get settled and fall asleep.

Dx: ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety: 12 y/o
K. has completed 16 sessions with behavior and anxiety showing some improvement although it is still erratic. From a physical standpoint when he was mowing the lawn in May and June he did not do straight rows and would miss huge areas. Currently he does a great job and misses very little and is able to walk back and forth in a straight row. When catching a ball in baseball prior to beginning Neurofeedback he caught 2 out of 10 high pop ups and now catches 8 out of 10 with better focus and ability to move to get the ball. He still has some resistance to exercise but this has improved in speed and he is now able to jump rope up to 20 times in a row. His sleep was a problem early on and at home now he has been sleeping an hour or two longer in the morning.

Dx: Premature at 25 weeks, ADD, Anxiety: 4 y/o
My daughter is much calmer and able to work out anger issues instead of risking physical harm. She is able to transition easier and wants to come in for her therapy. We have only completed 15 sessions.

Dx: ADHD, low self esteem: 15 y/o
My son has completed 22 sessions of Neurofeedback and has had about 3 sessions of thermal biofeedback training. Grades have improved and he joined football at LW high-school. He seems to be more focused and wants to do better in everything. He started working with a tutor and seems to be enjoying it.

Dx: Seizure Disorder with Anxiety, ADHD and Adjustment Disorder: 12 y/o
When we started, seizures were pretty well controlled, but focus and impulse was all over the place due to where the seizures were in the brain. After starting EEG Neurofeedback, her overall problems seemed to improve. We noticed the EEG calms and helps her to refrain from impulsive behaviors. It also helps her to stay focused. When she has missed her appointment we can tell. EEG Neurofeedback has also worked with her other therapy such as Sensory Integration, helping them all work together for an overall improvement in learning and behavior.

Dx: Chronic Migraine: 37 y/o
I am a 37 year old female who has suffered from migraines for the past 17 years. I have noticed that things such as weather, stress and hormones can set these horrible headaches off. After many attempts at different treatments I was prescribed to do EEG Neurofeedback by a private pain clinic in Chicago. Although the EEG has not rid me of the migraines completely, it has been the only treatment to reduce the amount of them and their intensity. It has had a positive effect thus far and hopefully with continued treatment, they will diminish altogether.

Dx: Anxiety: 40 y/o
I started Neurofeedback to relieve some anxiety and sleep problems. The positive effects for me were evident after only the first couple of sessions. I was able to fall asleep faster and wake up fewer times during the night. I also felt calmer and less anxious during the day. I have had 19 sessions so far, and I am very happy with the results. I haven't slept this well in many years. I also feel more relaxed and able to deal with anxiety-inducing situations much better than before. An unexpected benefit of Neurofeedback that I noticed recently is that my blood pressure is lower than it had been a few months ago.